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The Zelda Community has changed so much within the past two or so years that I find it nearly unbelievable. So few of the classic websites that everyone used to know are still around, and many other greats are gone. Some of the most notable websites to leave include Zelda Games, The Lost Woods, Pure Zelda, and Zelda Spirits. Other websites such as ZHQ which were lost for a time, have risen out of the ashes. Project Zelda is back after it's short disapperance as well.

Many other Zelda sites still remain from those Golden Ages including Zelda Universe, The Zelda Vault, Ganon's Tower and Z64Planet, now known as Zelda Planet. These sites are perhaps some of the greatest on the internet and the most reputable and informative.

The Zelda Community has not taken a turn for the worst. Some great sites may be gone, but new ones are rising to takes it's place. There are many websites out there now that are proving to be very informative and interesting.

The Zelda Community may be changing, but maybe it is for the best. The best way to look at it may be that a new generation of Zelda websites are joining the websites of old to create an even larger and better Zelda Community.

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